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Extra Virgin Olive Oil jam Alzay Oleum (100 gr)

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Artisan 100% natural jam without sugar, made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alzay Oleum.

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The Alzay jam is made with our best selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual, a variety increasingly demanded in haute cuisine which surely will be essential in yours. If you have not tried it yet, you will love it!

This product without sugar is capable of maximizing the level of each dish because of its unique flavor. We are convinced that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil jam will delight all your guests as its production is 100% natural. And, of course, that shows on the palate.

Reinvent your breakfasts brightening the life of your toasts with the Alzay jam. By conserving all the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will start the day full of energy and health. And what do you think of a cheese and pâté plate accompanied by this delicious delicacy? Sure it sounds as good as adding it to your meat or fish sauce giving an extra virgin touch of creaminess. For its versatility, it is also ideal to combine with your desserts and biscuits. Seriously, you will hallucinate with its incredible texture and flavor.

We encourage you to share in our networks your best recipes, moments, comments and photos with our jam, now also yours, of Extra Virgin Olive Oil jam, now also yours.

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