Extra virgin olive oil from Sierra Sur of Jaén

Aceite de oliva premio Grecia

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Direct from Jaén.
Its own land

Alzay Oleum is the dream come true of Miguel Román and Francisco Montes. We both grew up playing among the olive groves of Alcalá la Real, south of Jaén (Andalusia). We learned from our parents and grandparents to love our land and its fruits. It was them who taught us the secrets of making olive oil. And now, as legitimate heirs of the centuries-old Spanish tradition of making oil, we take this relay with great enthusiasm and passion. A responsibility that we assume with a clear objective: to create the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is in our hands. 


Olive Oil

Solve your doubts

The Jaen extra virgin olive oil varieties queen presents a freshly cut grass aroma, light bitter notes and a bit spicy in the mouth. Characteristics that make Picual oil a product with great personality.

The Lucio olive tree is native to Andalusia and is located mainly to the west of Granada, on the border with Jaén. Today there are just a few specimens, and many are centenarians. That’s why its oil, soft, fresh and less bitter than the Picual, is so unique.

Olive Oil types

It is important to choose a good oil, which comes directly from the juice of the olive, fruit of the olive tree. What we call Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with all the words, and not to be confused with refined oils and further processed oils.

Jaén Olive Oil

No other place in the world produces as much olive oil as Jaén. One in every five bottles of EVOO sold in the world are produced here. That’s why Jaén’s relationship with olive oil goes dates back centuries. Located in the heart of Andalusia, today its juices enjoy a deserved international recognition for its exporting prestige and its extraordinary quality.

Properties and benefits

For its content in oleic acid, the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps prevent diseases such as cancer. Strengthens our immune system because of its richness in antioxidants. And… did you  know that it helps regulate sugar levels?


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Harvest sold out

We are sorry to inform you that we are out of oil. That’s the downside of having a good harvest, but don’t worry, contact us and we’ll let you know as soon as we have stocks of your favourite EVOO.





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