Alcalá la Real: here is where it all begins

Jaén. Gourmet. Nothing else.

Alcalá la Real: here is where it all begins

Jaén. Gourmet. Nothing else.

We are small producers with great products

We are Miguel Román and Francisco Montes and our dream is to produce the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil you have ever tasted. We elaborate it with the best selection of olives from the Andalusian fields and the maximum affection. The result is simply spectacular. Furthermore our liquid gold is also the protagonist of other types of top quality products, such as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil jam, from which it gets its supreme flavor.

Children of a fortress: the Sierra Sur, Alcalá la Real and La Mota

The noble and loyal city of Alcalá la Real, according to its title, is located in southern  Jaén, at the confluence with Córdoba and Granada. On a wide plateau dominated by the Cerro de la Mota, hundreds of olive groves of exceptional quality cover the center of this mountainous region.


Welcome to the oil mill: this is how we produce our Alzay olive oil

Around 9 months are needed from the the first olive trees flowering until our oil is extracted, pure and crystalline, in the mill. But that journey through the four seasons condenses several tons of wisdom in a century of tradition. Techniques, skills and the secrets which our grandparents managed to preserve until today with their passion. Roots that today cling to the most innovative and efficient technology to squeeze every last drop of our land.

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Cosecha agotada

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